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CFS is commited to provide exceptional customer service and the highest quality products delivered on time at a fair market price.

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Ken Lemke           President  

Brenda Fleming     Sales Rep

Jane Lemke           Finance

Bill Ferguson        R & D chemist

Wally Kirijewski    Consultant



About Our Staff


Ken Lemke 

For the past 47 years Ken Lemke has been sharing his plating and surface finishing knowledge with the industry. Ken began his career as a bench chemist for M&T Chemicals. He then moved to New Jersey and worked in research and marketing.  Ken has patented a number of Bright Nickel Processes.

Ken is proud to have been the fourth Canadian to be elected President of the American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society Inc.

Ken enjoys spending time with his family, which include his wife Jane, three children, seven grandchildren, and "Brandy" his golden retriever. He loves amateur astronomy, and also welcomes new challenges.

Brenda Fleming
Sales Representative

Through-out her 15 years at CFS, Brenda has acquired diverse experience in various industrial processes and applications.



Jane Lemke


Jane has over 22 years of experience in occupational health & safety and disability management and is the author of CFS's Material Safety Data Sheets.

Jane joined CFS in May 2011 and is responsible for finance.

Bill Ferguson

Bill Ferguson
Research & Development

Bill has 30 years of R&D experience in the metal finishing industry. 

His expertise includes cleaners for multi-metal systems, anodizing, electro polishing, hot and cold paint strippers, truck washes, brighteners, institutional products and waste treatment. Bill welcomes challenges and is comfortable both in the lab and on-site supporting and assisting customers.

Wally Kirijewski

Wally Kirijewski

Wally has over 47 years of plating experience and is very knowledgeable in zinc, nickel, electroless nickel, black oxide, brass plating and related processes.  Wally's experience includes plating line installations and modifications, waste treatment systems, process improvements and trouble shooting to improve quality and increase productivity. Wally also has the added experience as a plating shop plant manager.


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