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Canadian Finishing Systems Ltd. carries a full line of products that carry Aerospace Specification and Certification.


 Our aerospace products lines include special tapes and masking products, metal processes and protective finishes.

The latest product is Entron that is Areo Space Approved.

Our EnTron Solvents are designed and manufactured to exacting standards and have virtually zero non-volatile residue content (<10ppm) making them an ideal solvent for critical wipe, flush, immersion and precision vapor degreasing and ultrasonic cleaning applications.




 Peroferm develops, manufactures and supplies the aerospace industry with specialty cleaning agents approved for use in the manufacture and maintenance of commerical, general aviation, military and space aircraft.  For over 25 years, our environmentally-responsible cleaning agents have been used to remove a wide range of soils from aircaft components and assemblies including:

- Actuation Systems
- Airframes
- Engines
- Landing Gear


All of our aerospace products come with a full and complete documentation packages that meet ASTM specifications. We have the experience and knowledge to exceed your specifications and tight tolerances.

Please contact us for more information for all your aerospace needs.

Aerospace cleaners

Aerospace cleaners

Aerospace cleaners

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