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Zinc & Post Coatings

Canadian Finishing Systems carries the equipment, supplies and experitse for a wide range of zinc and post coating processes.

Types of zinc and post coatings include:

  • Cyanide Zinc
  • Acid Zinc
  • Post Coatings for Chromates (hex)
  • Post Coatings for Chromites (tri)
  • Seal Coatings, particularly for post trivalent chrome coatings
  • Prodigy Midnite Trivalent Black

    A totally trivalent conversion (hex-free) process that will produce a black conversion coating on electroplated Zinc.


    Process is an easy to prepare and use solution, that when correctly applied with PRODIGY MIDNITE SEAL 2000 or PRODIGY SEAL 3000 will produce a deep black, lustrous coating that will withstand from 48 – 120 hours to white corrosion products in 5% neutral salt-spray solution.

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