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Environmentally friendlier Resin and Paint Strippers

Some of our custom formulations include:

CanStrip RTP is a liquid, alkaline paint stripper containing a unique blend of organic solvents, activators and detergents which will effectively strip various powders and paints from ferrous and non-ferrous parts at room temperature. CanStrip RTP contains no CFC, silicates, ethoxylated nonylphenols, phosphates or chromium salts.

CanStrip ALS (Aluminum Safe Paint Stripper) A unique blend of water soluble solvents, organic acids, and detergents for stripping water based acrylic paints and E-Coat type paints.

CanStrip Multi Metal (Hot Tank Paint Stripper) A caustic and silicate free, blend of organic solvent, amines, detergents for immersion stripping paints from ferrous and non-ferrous parts.

CanStrip 615 (Resin Stripper) A resin stripping liquid with a unique blend of organic solvents and detergents for resin and plastisol coating removal from ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

CanStrip 1024 (Paint Stripper) A CFC free solvent replacement for more hazardous organics (MEK, DCM) that is a general surface cleaner for hydraulic fluids, sealants, brake cleaner and is also safe on ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and most plastic/rubber surfaces.

CanStrip HT A liquid product used with hot alkaline strippers to remove paint and ink from ferrous metals.

Additive HTA A solvent based liquid accelerator for hot alkaline paint strippers, which is effective for coating removal from ferrous metals.

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Goat Throat is a incredibly accurate hand pump for a full range of chemistries. We are pleased to be a distributor for this unique product. Various sizes and strokes are available.

C.F.S. Ltd.Waste Treatment Products and Services

We carry the CanClear Series of Wastewater Products

Canadian Finishing Systems Ltd. has a full range of waste treatment chemistries and the expertise to assist you with your waste water treatment requirements.

Canadian Finishing Systems Waste Treatment products include:

  • Agents for Cyanide Oxidation and Hexavalent Chromium reduction
  • Neutralizing Agents
  • Coagulants
  • Precipitants
  • Flocculants

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