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Canadian Finishing Systems Ltd. (CFS) is a Canadian owned and operated distributor since July 1996, providing a broad range of equipment, chemicals, and services.

Over the years, Canadian Finishing Systems have grown and maintained a large customer base in a diverse market that includes automotive, electroplaters, aerospace, anodizers, phosphaters, paint and powder coaters, and manufacturers of appliances, fasteners, plumbing, jewellery and electronics. 

Closely related to its core business, CFS is promoting environmentally responsible products including cleaners, sanitizers and pretreatment chemicals for the paint and powder coating industries. For industrial and maintenance applications, these product lines are applicable for the manufacturing and assembly industries, as well as the commercial market.

In addition to the technical capabilities, CFS personnel provide strong experience in marketing and logistics management, as well as cost control and reduction. CFS also has direct access to expertise in Health & Safety.

Key Capabilities

CFS holds multiple Aerospace certifications.

CFS has the ability for R&D and Custom Blending of products to suit Customer needs.

CFS is ISO 9001:2008 registered.

CFS is a member of the NASF - National Association for Surface Finishing.


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